Our Sparkling Wines

We elaborate it naturally, thanks to experience gained in almost half a century of harvests.

Leonello Letrari can be considered a founder of Trentino's sparkling wines: his first bottle of 'bubbles' date back to 1961.

Sparkling wine like a dream, satisfying wine that evokes vivacity. In all senses. But it's not a wine of the habit: it comes from the pride and by the authority of the cellarman combined with the wisdom of the winemaker. We can boast both.

The grapes are harvested in our vineyards, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are treated with agronomic practices targeted specifically to sparkling wine culture.

Nothing is left to chance; it meets only the seasonal pattern, the ritual of harvesting and crushing with modern oenological criteria and then process the "mosto base", that intended - slowly - to be reborn in the bottle and become a genuine Talento TRENTODOC.

Time to time, said the cellar. And we do not lack patience. We wait at least two years after harvest before considering the proper refermentation of our Letrari Brut.

A few more months for the singular Letrari Rose - a 'must' among sparkling wines from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes - the 'bubbles' perhaps most intriguing of the moment.

Time, it was said. Our consolidated Riserva is not ready in less than 48 months, for an absolutely memorable sparkling wine.

But it's the Letrari 976 Riserva del Fondatore that deserves the blaze. It is offered only when the harvest of the vintage shows exceptional potential. Only after repeated testing, periodic samples, but also a very slow resting on the yeasts - well 96 months! - we offer this gem.