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Trentino’s bubbles


Classy sparkling wines

We process it naturally, thanks to an experience gained in over half a century of harvests. Father Leonello is considered a founder of Trentino sparkling wines, his first bottles of "bubbles" date back to 1961. But it is not a customary wine: it comes from the stubbornness and authority of the cellarman combined with the wisdom of the winemaker. We can claim both.

Cuvèe Blanche
Cuvèe Blanche Trentodoc
Dosaggio Zero
Dosaggio Zero Trentodoc
Brut Trentodoc
Brut Rosè
Brut Rosè Trentodoc
Quore Riserva
Quore Riserva Trentodoc
Quore PieNne Riserva
Quore PieNne Riserva Trentodoc
Dosaggio Zero Riserva
Dosaggio Zero Riserva Trentodoc
Brut Riserva
Brut Riserva Trentodoc
+4 Rosè Riserva
+4 Rosè Riserva Trentodoc
976 Riserva del Fondatore
976 Riserva del Fondatore Trentodoc