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Letrari in short

“Nothing happens by chance” is our motto! Each bottle of Trentodoc Letrari is in fact the perfect synthesis of the gentle harmony of a series of precious elements that contribute to the maximum final result.


Uncorking a bottle of Trentodoc Letrari is a moment of true magic; toasting with this great wine offers moments of pure poetry for the senses, delighted by the elegance of the golden colour, the fineness of the perlage, the full and pleasantly fruity taste (intense and rich in sensations of dried fruit and spices in the reserves).

Since the foundation, all of our efforts have been made in order to offer our estimators products of great quality and in the desire to transfer them the terroir, with our personal philosophy on the art of making wine.

Our wines come from grapes produced in our own vineyards located in the most suitable areas of Vallagarina and Terra dei Forti.


“Precious wines are born from the careful study of the land and the position of the vineyards”.

Shaped by the particular terroir and microclimate of the Vallagarina - an environment characterized by the Adige and influenced by the Ora del Garda, which creates a special Mediterranean-type microclimate here - 21 different types of quality wine are produced with strong varietal typicity. Poor and rocky soils where the vine still alternates with the olive tree (thanks to

the particular microclimate generated by the Ora del Garda), very happy exposures that allow regular ripening and correct production per vine, have allowed, after further selections and low yields per hectare, to obtain grapes of excellence. Vallagarina, in its recent past as an extreme offshoot of the Habsburg Empire, was an area renowned for the production of structured red wines with a remarkable personality, capable of lasting over time.

But the oenological vocation of this area, still almost intact in its landscape-environment as a whole, has much more ancient historical roots, ascertained since Roman times.


Letrari’s company implemented a farming program that involves a few hectares of vineyards located in the Borghetto all'Adige and Nogaredo area, with a careful qualitative selection of the grapes. These are areas with an inimitable landscape, territorial and climatic unity such as the lower Vallagarina and in particular the enclave of Borghetto all'Adige, with a strong vocation and a millenary history of winemaking.

The temperate climate of the area also allows for a limited and selected production of extra-virgin olive oil with an exceptionally fruity tone.