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We are in Barolo, in the Langhe

We cultivate vineyards in Barolo, in the Langhe, in the Roero and in the Nicese Monferrato. we refine in the ancient cellars of the Marquises of Barolo where we welcome enthusiasts who wish to savor the history, aromas and expressions of this legendary wine, the barolo: the king of wines, the wine of kings.

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The historic cellars

In the last two centuries, in harmony with what has happened to grapes and wine, environments have refined, transforming in part into welcoming places where you can taste, savor and, at the same time, feed on history and culture.

More than two centuries later, however, the cellars where we refine our wines today are the same where Barolo wine was born, thanks to the intuition of the Marchesa Giulia Falletti Colbert. And the 5 centuries-old barrels - the “Botti della Marchesa” - are still perfectly today intact and efficient, after constant and meticulous restorations.

Finally, an exclusive collection of Barolo reserves, from rare thousandths of the late nineteenth century to those more recent, it is kept with great care in the place where the wines were born.


Barolo was born here

Barolo wine, which takes its name from our country, was born right here, in the historic cellars of the Marchesi di Barolo, in the first half of the nineteenth century.

Before Barolo, wine produced with Nebbiolo grapes offered a completely different taste experience than that which we know today: it was a sweet and sparkling wine. In fact, at the time, generally not having underground cellars for winemaking, it was difficult for fermentation alcoholic content was completed: the wines were therefore unstable and re-fermented, in the following warm seasons, for the presence of residual sugars.

It was only thanks to the intuition of the Marchesa Giulia di Barolo that the wine took on the body, stability and nobility of today. In fact, it was his will to build new cellars where to make wine in large barrels, in a place protected from the harsh late autumn temperatures. Even today, in five of these centuries-old oak barrels, thanks to constant and careful maintenance, Barolo renews its history every year!


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