The Vallagarina in its long history was known as the region of the finest red wines produced in the German Empire and more recently, between World War I and II, as a territory ideal for the classical Bordeaux grape varieties; but the production of wine in this area dates back to the Roman Empire.

The Letrari vineyards consist in 22 hectares of vines resting in the Borghetto all'Adige and Rovereto zone: this special region has a perfect combination of landscape, terroir and climate.

The soil is poor and rocky, the temperature is ideal in summer (partly due to the microclimate created by the local wind, the Ora del Garda): vines here still co-exist alongside olive groves.

The valley is more open here and the excellent sun exposure allows the grapes to ripen to perfection.

The careful selection of vines varieties made by Letrari, together with the low production pro hectare, guarantee the excellence of the grapes produced in these vineyards.